Map of Bizen Province (Bizen no kuni zu)

Collection 池田家文庫
Resource Type2 古文書
資料種別2 池田家
Classification KuniEzu T1
Call Number T1-5
Title Map of Bizen Province (Bizen no kuni zu)
Date 〔慶長年間〕
Date 1596~1615
size(height x width) 329.0 x 280.7
Note 慶長年間のものと推定される
Note 軸、1984年度補修、元は折りたたんであったものを軸装した
Description 備前国/(付紙)「和気郡:高合壱万七千九百九十五石二斗三升六合・内弐百丗四石七斗四升一合寺領」、「邑久郡:高合三万八千八百九十五石八斗六升九合・内三百廿三石弐斗六升四合寺領」、「岩生郡:高合弐万千九百八十三石五斗・内」、「上東郡:高合三万弐千七十一石三斗・内弐百十二石寺領」、「赤坂郡:高合四万四百五十一石一斗二升・内百石寺領」、「上道郡:高合弐万四千四百石七斗七升七合・内八拾石寺領」、「児島郡:高合弐万九千四百六十石九斗七升・内百八十石寺領」、「津高郡:高合四万千八百七十三石一斗四升六合・内三百石寺領」、「三野郡:高合三万九千六十八石八升八合・内千廿石寺領」、「高都合弐拾八万六千弐百石・内弐千四百五拾石寺領」
Type 軸装
Volume 1幅
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High-definition Picture 高精細画像あり
Commentary This is the oldest extant map of Bizen province. Judging by the old and pictorial drawing style, we assume that the map was produced during the Keicho era (1596–1615). However, it is not clear whether or not this map was produced by order of the Shogunate government. The town around Okayama Castle is depicted on both sides of a river. While the west side of the river, marked by the castle tower and moats, is represented with considerable accuracy, the east side of the river is presented as far more magnificent than the actual town of the time. The pictorial representation of Shimotsui Castle, Kanagawa Castle, and Hattoji Temple is outstanding.