Map of Nine Districts in Bizen Province (Bizen no kuni kyu-gun ezu)

Collection 池田家文庫
Resource Type2 古文書
資料種別2 池田家
Classification KuniEzu T1
Call Number T1-14
Title Map of Nine Districts in Bizen Province (Bizen no kuni kyu-gun ezu)
Date 寛永年間
Date 1624-1644
size(height x width) 193.4 x 188.5
Note *※T1-16と関連がある
Note 軸、1977年度補修、元は折りたたんでいたものを軸装した
Description 備前国九郡絵図/知行高都合弐拾八万弐百石、「和気郡:村数八十四・高合弐万九百七拾八石六斗五升」、「邑久郡:村数七拾三・高合四万五千五百弐拾三石九斗五升」、「岩生郡:村数六拾六・高合弐万千弐百八拾八石七斗四升」、「上東郡:村数五拾壱・高合弐万六千六百七拾石三斗五升」、「赤坂郡:村数九拾六村・高合三万七千九百六拾四石四升」、「上道郡:村数四拾七・高合弐万三千弐百拾五石六斗六升」、「津高郡:村数百壱・高合三万八千弐百七拾壱石壱斗」、「三野郡:村数六拾六・高合三万六千八百五拾八石弐斗六升」、「児島郡:村数八拾一・高合弐万九千四百弐拾九石弐斗八升」、*各郡の位置に□で囲んで郡名・村数・高を書き入れてある
Type 軸装
Volume 1幅
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High-definition Picture 高精細画像あり
Commentary This drawing is known as Kan’ei-kozu, or an old map produced during the Kan’ei era (1624–44). The map was probably produced sometime around 1638 together with the Bicchu provincial map. Villages are marked in different colors in accordance with the districts they belong to. In addition, different colors are used to indicate territories of the respective districts. District borders are shown in gold paint, as are the Chinese characters appearing in dark blue sections. This is the most colorful and sumptuous map, unrivaled by any in the Ikeda Family Collection.