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Introduction of Several Groups to the D-ring of Grayanotoxin

Iwasa, Junkichi
Kawanishi, Tetsuroh
Handa, Satoshi
Kamano, Hideki
Yamamoto, Shingo
Okamoto, Manabu
Takeda, Norimasa
Nakamura, Mikihiko
Masutani, Tetsuya
Shiro, Motoo
Baba, Naomichi
Seyama, Issei
Grayanotoxin (GTX), one of the lipid-soluble Na+ channel openers, contains four rings (A, B, C and D) and the chemical groups essential for the pharmacological action are located on the A- and B-rings. To study the biological significance of functional groups on the D-ring, 51 new derivatives were prepared from α-dihydro GTX- 11 . These new compounds and the previously prepared GTXS ere directly applied to the intracellular phase of internally perfused squid giant axons.