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アレルギー成因による痙攣素質形成に関する実験的研究 第2編 慢性脳局所アナフイラキシー家兎にアルミナ・クリームを使用せる脳髄のアセチルコリン代謝に関する研究

Matuoka, I.
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1) The chronic cerebral local anaphylactic rabbits showed a higher activity of cholinesterase in the cortex and the nucleus lenticularis than the normal. 2) By sticking of the Alumina cream disk on the surface of brain, the cholinesterase acitivity of the cortex markedly decreased on the fifth day and remained constant on the 10th and the 20th day in the normal as well as the anaphylactic rabbits. 3) In the nucleus lenticularis, cholinesterase activity decreased on the 5th and the 10th day, but returned almost to the normal on the 20th day. 4) These cholinesterase activities were always larger in the chronic cerebral local anaphylactic rabbits than in the normal, but the course of their changes was similar. 5) In short, acetylcholin metabolism was accelerated distinctly in the chronic cerebral local anaphylactic rabbits by Alumina cream disk sticking. The increase of cholinesterase activity is to owe to cerebral local anaphylaxis and these anaphylactic rabbits are considered to be in the dispositon to epileptic convulsion.