Bulletin of Institute for Education and Student Services, Okayama University

Published by Institute for Education and Student Services, Okayama University

ISSN 2432-9665

Teaching and Learning in the Time of Covid-19: Lived Experiences

Dong Kwang, KIM
Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 a year ago, we have been living a drastically changed life—a new “normal.” One area in which this new normal is conspicuous is teaching and learning. Amid the rage of the spreading pandemic, schools and universities around the world had no choice but to switch to an online mode of teaching as the only viable option to deliver education. The sudden change to the online mode of teaching caused much confusion among teachers as they bore the brunt of the Covid-19’s assault on their established patterns of teaching. They often experienced intense feelings of anxiety in getting the new technology to work and crafting classes online to be as meaningful as possible. The story of this baffling experience of teaching needs to be told. Also, the students’ responses to new modes of learning need to be recorded.
impact of Covid-19 on higher education
global studies
teaching and learning experiences
student engagement