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免疫反応における気管支喘息患者好塩基球の生態観察に関する研究 第一編抗免疫グロブリンの好塩基球運動能に及ぼす影響

Sato, Shuichi
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Changes of migration velocity of peripheral blood basophils by addition of anti-IgE or anti-IgG were observed in 13 asthma patients including 5 of high IgE asthma, 5 of low IgE asthma and 3 of buckwheat asthma cases. Basophils from high IgE asthma cases showed increased migration velocity by addition of anti-IgE. By addition of anti-IgG, however, the basophils ahowed no change in migration velocity. Basophils from low IgE intractable asthmatic patients showed increased migration velocity by addition of anti-IgG but not of anti-IgE. Buckwheat asthma cases showed the similar changes as in high IgE cases, when exposed to the antigen of buckwheat.