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Jitsuiki, Dairoku
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The ribosomal protein of the Ehrlich Ascites tumor was purified. The maximum absorbancy of the ribosome was 260 mμ and the minimum was 237 mμ. The sedimentation coefficient of the ribosome was 75 S(20)W, and the chemical composition of P:N:Ribose was 1:1.46:1.09. The purified ribosomal protein was electrophoretically single, and the maximum absorbancy was 268 mμ and the minimum was 232 mμ. The sedimentation coefficient of the ribosomal protein was 1.59 S(20)w. The molecular weight presumed about 6000. The chemical composition of the ribosomal protein of P:N:Ribose was 1:1.7:0.005. These results indicated that the ribosomal protein was nucleoprotein or phosphoprotein. The components of the ribosomal protein were rich in basic amino acids, especially lysin, and poor tyrosine and phenylalanine.