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Oya, Shigeo
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Through confidential letters exchanged with 57 cases who received adbominal tubal sterilization and with 56 cases who received vaginal one, to the total of 113 cases treated at the Hospital of Takuma Town, Kagawa province during period of six years from January 1952 to December 1957, the author studied the prognosis of the tubal sterilization. The replies received were carefully compared and scrutinized as regard to each item of questionaires sent out concerning such problems as: the age of patient at the time of operation; number of pregnancy before the operation; number of children living at the time of operation; frequency of the induced abortion number of gravid months up to the operation; age of the first marriage; the pregnancy after the operation; any changes in menstruation afterwards; sexual sensitibity and desire after the operation; change in the sexual compatibility; any changes in characterisitics as observed by husband; the impression of the patient after the operation; and any disease of genital organ after the operation. It is still difficult to decide which one of these two methods of tubal sterilization may prove to be better and any definitive conclusion or judgement on these patients must await results of further follow-up studies.