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Nakayama, Tadao
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The auther tried the partial purification of rickettsiae proliferated in the embryonated egg yolk sacks, and measured the respiration of these partially purified rickettsiae by the usual manometric technique. The results are as follows: 1. By partial purification, it was possible to obtain more purified and not inactivated rickettsiae. 2. As a result of oxygen consumption measurement with Warburg manometer, glutamate, succinate and aspartate were strongly oxidized, and, at the same time, α-ketoglutarate, fumarate, malate, oxaloacetate, pyruvate and β-glycerophosphate were also oxidized pretty well. 3. All enzymic inhibitors showed some inhibition, of which most remarkable was that by monoiodoacetate. 4. The inhibitive action of various antibiotics is varied according to their concentration. However, aureomycin proved to show always very remarkable inhibition. 5. Though incomplete, Rickettsia tsutsugamushi has its proper metabolic system, and is inferred to keep its proliferation by completing its metabolic system in support or connection with living cells