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流行性肝炎患者の遠隔成績について 第1報 赤磐地区に於ける第一回検診成績

Kosaka, Kiyowo
Seto, Keitaro
Morimoto, Kaichi
Ogino, Shigemi
Nagashima, Hideo
Shimada, Nobuhiro
Ioriya, Tsuneo
Iwahara, Masao
Amako, Takashi
Hino, Masuo
Kawaguchi, Masamitsu
Ishida, Tatsuo
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Re-examining 153 cases of infectious hepatitis patients in Akaiwa area, Okayama Prefecture, the result was that some cases seemed to have distinctly shifted to chronic hepatitis, along with cases of latent hepatitis without conscious symptoms, to the extent of about 1/8 of total cases; moreover, there were pretty many who should be taken care of: where, there were few cases of perfect recovery. Besides, 2 cases were recognized which shifted tohepatic cirrhosis, one of which could be given testimony owing to autopsy. The chronic turn like this was of course seen in serious cases, but even in slightly-affected cases, if thorough treatment was out of use (esp., quiet repose); so that, in its treatment, utmost care should be taken; besides, as to the decision of recovery, one should take resort to every means to ensure it.