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Tominaga, Susumu
Sugiyama, Narushi
Takeuchi, Tetsuo
Ueno, Takaaki
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The collaboration of various medical teams is crucial for the appropriate treatment of cancer patients. However, in Japan, it is very difficult for oral surgeons to cooperate with head and neck surgeons due to conflicts in the treatment of those patients. There have been few studies on this subject. In the current work, we report on the collaboration of head and neck surgeons, plastic surgeons and oral surgeons in operations on two patients with gingival carcinomas in the mandible. We first prepared plaster 3D models of the patients'mouths by means of ink-jet from CT data. We pre-bent the reconstruction plates using the preoperative 3D models. Therefore, we could save the time required to bend the plate. Plaster models are cheaper than resin models. It is also easy to model the surgery using the plate. During the operation, head and neck surgeons resected the tumors, plastic surgeons performed reconstruction with vascularized bone or skin graft, and oral surgeons (dentists) did plate fixation and took charge of the patients'occlusion. This method resulted in patients having good occlusion after the operation.
チーム医療 (medical team approach)
頭頸部癌 (head and neck carcinoma)
3D石膏モデル (plaster 3D model)
インクジェット法 (ink-jet method)
下顎再建 (mandibular reconstruction)