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肝疾患の心電図に関する研究 第1編 肝疾患の心電図

橋本 恭治 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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Electrocardiograms in 120 patients of liver disease (39 acute hepatitis, 39 chronic hepatitis, 32 liver cirrhosis and 10 liver cancer) were studied. 1) Pathologic findings in EKG were flatening T wave, ST depression, ST-T fusion and disturbance of conducting systems such as Ist. degree A-V block, bundle branch block and notching of R wave. 2) Flatening T wave was found in 44 cases; ST depression in 41 cases; ST-T fusion in 41 cases. They were found more in liver cirrhosis and cancer than in hepatitis. 3) QT interval was slightly prolonged in liver cirrhosis and cancer. 4) QRS interval was prolonged as the disease progressed. 5) magnitude of T wave was correlated to the serum bilirubin, colloidar reaction, BSP and gamma globulin, not to the total protein and A/G. 6) ST-T fusion was correlated to the gamma globulin and the periods of the diseese. 7) No correlation was found between the magnitude of T wave, ST-T fusion and serum electrolites. T/R was, however, slightly correlated to the serum potassium. 8) Magnitude of T wave was increased as the disease became better clinically.