Map of Tsuyama Castle (Tsuyama-jo zu)

Collection 池田家文庫
Resource Type2 古文書
資料種別2 池田家
Classification ShiroEzu T3
Call Number T3-1
Title Map of Tsuyama Castle (Tsuyama-jo zu)
Date 未詳
Date 未詳
size(height x width) 118.5 x 118.0
Note (端裏ラベル)「記号:松、番号:五二」、(端裏書)「口三」、*美作国
Note 1998年度裏打補修
Description なし
Volume 1枚
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High-definition Picture 高精細画像あり
Commentary This map was produced at the time of the transfer of Tsuyama Castle. On the verso side, the characters “ロ三” (ro-3) are written in vermilion ink. The map comprises a series with map T3-14. Using lines and marks, the map indicates the stations of officials responsible for taking possession of the castle, including Tamura Ukyonodaibu Tadaaki (representative of the Shogunate government), Matsudaira Wakasa-no-kami Naoaki of Akashi domain and Sakai Yukie Tadasono of Obama domain (both assigned to receive the castle), and Asano Iori and Oki Gondayu (retainers of Matsudaira Aki-no-kami Tsunanaga of Hiroshima domain, who was responsible for the upkeep of the castle). Residences of the vassals of Tsuyama domain were used to accommodate the supervisor and other officials sent by order of the Shogunate government. Their names are indicated on the slips of paper that are pasted onto the corresponding locations.