Map of Korea (Chosen chizu)

Collection 池田家文庫
Resource Type2 古文書
資料種別2 池田家
Classification 日本世界全図 T10
Call Number T10-33
Title Map of Korea (Chosen chizu)
Date 未詳
Date 未詳
size(height x width) 107.2 x 76.6
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Note なし
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Volume 1枚
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Commentary This is a copy of the Map of Eight Provinces in Korea produced by Tsushima domain. The title on the paper wrapping the map reads: “Taiyokanzo Utsushi Chosen Chizu” (copy of the map of Korea, owned by Tsushima domain). The Ikeda Family Collection has two maps of this kind. Different colors are used to represent individual provinces with major highways shown in vermilion lines. Next to the names of major cities, the map shows the number of days necessary to travel from there to Seoul. Although many Korean maps produced in the country during the same period include the Tsushima islands, this map does not show the Tsushima islands. Instead, it shows Taikan (also known as Wakan, the diplomatic office of Tsushima domain) in Busan.