Map of Ezo (Ezo ikyo yochi zenzu)

Collection 池田家文庫
Resource Type2 古文書
資料種別2 池田家
Classification 日本世界全図 T10
Call Number T10-26
Title Map of Ezo (Ezo ikyo yochi zenzu)
Date 嘉永7年
Date 1854
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Commentary This large multicolor woodblock print map of the region north of Japan was produced by Fujita Ryo (Junsai). Although the map is based on the survey map of Ezo prepared by the Shogunate government during the early 19th century, a pictorial style is adopted, particularly for mountains, which adds artistic value to the map. Although latitude and longitude lines are drawn, they are not very precise. It was produced in the 10th month of the sixth year of the Kaei era (1853), that is, before the conclusion of the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between Japan and Russia. The publisher was Harimaya Katsugoro, a wholesaler of books at Jikkendana, Nihonbashi street in Edo.