Map of Gokoen (Gokoen ezu)

Collection 池田家文庫
Resource Type2 古文書
資料種別2 池田家
Classification FushinZu T7
Call Number T7-124
Title Map of Gokoen (Gokoen ezu)
Date 明和8年
Date 1771
size(height x width) 229.6 x 281.4
Note (表紙上書)「明和八辛卯年十一月改、御後園絵図」、(表紙貼紙)(朱)「後楽園二十五号」
Note 98年度補修、裏打ち、継目補修、断筒の状態になっていたが、※T7-130-2と貼り合せて1枚の完成図になるので、※T7-130-2は史料番号を抹消し※T7-130-1を※T7-130として枝番を削除した
Description 三歩一間、明和八辛卯年、十月、一花交御茶屋壱間ニ壱間半、御屋根草葺、四方とも竹すだれ、御腰懸ケ三脚居リ北之方御入口ニ候処、御趣意ニ付御取せ被遊候、尤、御腰懸ケすだれ共御後園手ヘ相渡、其外柱・葺草等御小作事江取越ス、同月、一花葉御茶屋南之方御次境高ふろ垣六間半之所、壱間計其侭置、残リ五間半計御趣意ニて御取せ被遊候ニ付、御小作事之取越ス、同月、一同所北東之方萩垣長延て拾間半違ひ板橋御渡リ口之所、弐枚ひらき、さる戸共御趣意ニて御取せ被遊候ニ付、御小作事之取越ス、同月、一慈眼堂北西之方木柵、御趣意ニて御取せ被遊候
Volume 1枚
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High-definition Picture 高精細画像あり
Commentary This 1:200-scale pictorial map represents the state of the garden in the 11th month of the eighth year of the Meiwa era (1771). The map shows changes in the landscaping by order of the lord of Okayama domain (Ikeda Harumasa). For example, the rice field previously located to the south of the pond was converted into a grass field. An explanation is given about these changes on slips of paper. The map shows the autumnal landscape, highlighted by the crimson maple foliage. Although this map comprised 71 separate sheets of paper, we have combined them into a single sheet.