Map of Shimoizushi Town (Shimoizushi-cho soezu)

Collection 池田家文庫
Resource Type2 古文書
資料種別2 池田家
Classification JokaZu T6
Call Number T6-2
Title Map of Shimoizushi Town (Shimoizushi-cho soezu)
Date 元治元年9月23日
Date 1864
size(height x width) 86.8 x 72.7
Note *備前国岡山
Note なし
Description 元治元年甲子九月廿三日ニ砂場屋治郎吉作之、下出石町惣絵図三歩一間割、名主大黒屋石右衛門、同備中屋喜之介、年寄大黒屋善十郎、同金屋善介
Volume 1枚
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Commentary This rough map of Shimoizushi town, showing the layout of the residential zones for townsfolk, was produced by Sunabaya Jirokichi, a resident of the town. The map shows townsfolk’s houses built on deep and narrow lots arranged along streets, and a number of timber shops and carpenters’ workshops lining the Asahi River.