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Author Miyaji, Mary| Furuta, Ryohei| Hosoya, Osamu| Sano, Kuniaki| Hara, Norikazu| Kuwano, Ryozo| Kang, Jiyoung| Tateno, Masaru| Tsutsui, Kimiko M.| Tsutsui, Ken|
Keywords Biochemistry Molecular biology
Published Date 2020-10-29
Publication Title Scientific Reports
Volume volume10
Issue issue1
Publisher Nature Research
Start Page 18550
ISSN 2045-2322
Content Type Journal Article
language 英語
OAI-PMH Set 岡山大学
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PubMed ID 33122676
DOI 10.1038/s41598-020-75004-w
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Author Onoda, Akihisa| Hosoya, Osamu| Sano, Kuniaki| Kiyama, Kazuko| Kimura, Hiroshi| Kawano, Shinji| Furuta, Ryohei| Miyaji, Mary| Tsutsui, Ken| Tsutsui, Kimiko M.|
Published Date 2014-07-17
Publication Title Nucleic Acids Research
Volume volume42
Issue issue14
Content Type Journal Article
JaLCDOI 10.18926/AMO/31953
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Author Tsutsui, Kimiko M.| Sano, Kuniaki| Tsutsui, Ken|
Abstract <p>The nuclear matrix is an operationally defined nuclear skeletal structure that is believed to be involved in many nuclear functions including DNA replication, transcription, repair, and prem RNA processing/transport. Until relatively recently, the nuclear matrix was thought to be a rigid and static structure, but it is now thought to be dynamic. This paradigm shift was based in part on the tracking of the intranuclear movement of proteins tagged with fluorochromes. In this review, we attempt to redefine the nuclear matrix in light of recent findings and describe some useful techniques for the dynamic analysis of nuclear function.</p>
Keywords nuclear matrix MAR chromatin histone modification topoisomerase
Amo Type Review
Published Date 2005-08
Publication Title Acta Medica Okayama
Volume volume59
Issue issue4
Publisher Okayama University Medical School
Start Page 113
End Page 120
ISSN 0386-300X
NCID AA00508441
Content Type Journal Article
language 英語
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Author Sano, Kuniaki| Miyaji, Mary| Tsutsui, M. Kimiko| Tsutsui, Ken|
Published Date 2009-12-01
Publication Title 岡山医学会雑誌
Volume volume121
Issue issue3
Content Type Journal Article
Author 佐野 訓明|
Published Date 1997-03-25
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Content Type Thesis or Dissertation