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The Axoplasmic Transport of Cholinesterases in Chicken Nerves

Tanabe, Akira
Tajiri, Shinsuke
Matsumoto, Isao
Toriumi, Tooru
1. The axoplasmic transport of cholinesterases was investigated in chicken vagus and sciatic nerve trunks by the ligature method. 2. Even 48 hours after ligation, the nerve segments in which the increased activity of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) was observed were ristricted within 5mm from the ligature. The activity of AChE in these segments increased linearly until 24 hours or 48 hours after ligation. 3. Two ligatures were made on sciatic nerve trunks and the change in activity of AChE between them was investigated. And it was found that only about 13% of AChE was moved by fast flow. The velocity was 233. 8mm/day in the anterograde and 97.7mm/day in the retrograde direction. 4. The activity of pseudo-cholinesterase (Ps-ChE) also accumulated with time at the proximal and distal side of the ligature.