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Akamatsu, Seiichi
Growth and yield of early-summer sowed sugar beets are affected by kinds and combinations of fertilizers and methods of fertilization as follows: - 1) When some amount of super-phosphate of lime was applied to the crops on the different places, no influence was found on the growth and the yield. 2)Deep placement of fertilizer helped the growth more than row application of fertilizer, not only at the time of but also on the early stage of the crop growth. . (significant at 1~5% level) 3)Heavier crops both in top and root harvests in the row fertilized plots were more produced than in the deep fertilized plots, but the number was less in the former plots than in the latter plots. (significant at 1% level respectively) 4)The Brix values of root were not varied either by the kinds and combination of fertilizers, or by the methods of fertilization. 5)The differences of the growth and yield between the plots of compound fertilizer and the plots of mixed fertilizer were hardly observed, however, in general, the former was slightly better than latter. 6)T-R ratio of crops in the deep fertilized plots was smaller than 1.0 and that in the row fertilized plots was larger than 1.0. 7)Branched roots were more numerous in the deep fertilized plots than in the row-fertilized plots. (significant at 1% level)