Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Oka, Masumi
In my previous works I tried to analyze the various phases of the Chinese society through six hundred popular jingles or "min-yao" under the regime of Deng Xiaoping, and also made it clear that the unprecedented boom of popular jingles was caused by the expantion of social contradictions and partial lifting of the prohibition ofjingles critical of the regime. Deng Xiaoping died in February 1997 after two and half years of his 'complete retirement' from the political world in September 1994. It is understood that this is the very period when Jiang Zemin carried out the succession of power from him. In the present study, I clarify social phenomena seen through forty-two jingles in this transitional period. They indicate that China has a deepening tendency of corruption not only among aristocratic communists but also in the whole society. The sensational suicide of Wang Baosen, an ex-deputy mayor of Beijing, shows us that corruption prevails among top leaders of the country as well. This study also reveals that morality on sex has deteriorated on the nationwide scale during these years.
論説 (Article)