Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Sugimori, Koichi
The main types and characteristics of the validity about the social research data are outlined, emphasizing the philosophical isuues which underpin this concept. A distinction is drawn between the content validity and other two types of validity. The social background of the validity is then analysed which indicates pragmatic and positivistic formulations marked at the period of growth of the idea "validity". The logical background is also analysed which demonstrates characteristics almost proper to social research data in which a concept corresponds to (at least) several total indicators or measures, in contrast with other sorts of data (statistics, for example) in which a concept corresponds to an unique indic ator or to several partial indicators. The question is raised as to whether it is possible to use the validity in order to examine measurements errors in economic statistics. The conclusion is affimative to the extent to which a philosophical launderring can be performed and "one concept - several total indicators" data can be found in economic statistics.
論説 (Article)