Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Oka, Masumi
Fukada, Hiromi
We have made a series of researches on the problems of Chinese students who want to obtain employment in Japan. Oka & Fukada [1994 a] tried to clarify the factors in decision-making of Chinese college students to get ajob in Japan, and our former study in 1996 examined the differences of consciousness between the students who want to work in China and those who want to work in Japan. In this study, we try to reveal the features of Chinese ex-students who studied in Japanese higher educational institutes, and have already had a job in Japan. Their features are found by comparing these exstudents with Chinese college students, vocational school students and Japanese language school students respectively. This paper has revealed that Chinese ex-students have better feeling towards the life in Japan and have more close Japanese friends than vocational or language school students have. These two factors are, however, not remarkable between ex-students and college students. These two are not decisive enough to induce Chinese students to get employed in Japan. Our present study has also clarified that only 23% of the Chinese exstudents want to stay long in Japan, while a certain research shows that more than half of the Chinese students who wish to get a job here want to work for more than ten years. We guess that the severer circumstances of the Japanese economy than they had originally expected have deprived many ex-students of their desire to keep on working in Japan.
論説 (Article)