Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Oka, Masumi
Fukada, Hiromi
The present study examines the difference of consciousness between the two groups of Chinese students. The first group consists of the students who want to go back to China after their studies in Japan and to obtain employment in their own country. The second group is formed by the students who want to have a job in Japan when their studies are completed. We try to make a comparison between the consciouness of the two groups so that we can clarify the influencial factors on their decision to stay in Japan in order to obtain employment in Japanese enterprises. This paper has revealed that the following factors are remarkable among the second group: 1) experience of longer period of stay in Japan, 2) life under comparatively affluent circumstances, and 3) "friendly" feelings towards the Japanese society. Their wish to work in Japan seems to be closely related with their hope to keep on living in Japan. The former study, Oka & Fukada[1994a], supports the results of this study as far as the above factors 1) and 2) are concerned. The former study has no data on 3). As for "sex", one of the factors, the results of the two studies are contradictory. That is, the former study shows that "sex" is an influencial factor, while the present study says it is not.
論説 (Article)