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An Analytical Method of Human Motion by Image Processing

Tokunaga Shuichi
Osaki, Hirokazu
This paper deals with analytical method of human motion by image processing to make a model of the scooping process, Firstly, the scooping tool is the spoon, and while the scooping process is performing, the movement of the mouth center position and the spoon top position are measured by two cameras. As the amount of substance is over the uppermost area of the cup, the spoon is stuck obliquely into substance. Then the spoon is rotated and lifted up to the mouth. Secondly, we recognize the mouth center from the characteristic of the face image data and calculate the spoon top position to extract two points on the spoon handle from the time series images by two cameras. Finally, we describe the method of recognizing the coordinate of the mouth center and estimating the coordinate of the spoon top to analyse the scooping process.