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Acousticmyogram Measured with Electrosimulation During Muscle Fatigue

Yanagi Makoto
The acousicmyogram (AMG) is a mechanical phenomenon recorded at the surface of an active muscle. It is used to monitor force production, fatigue, and contractile properties of muscle. In this study, the new electrode with accelerometer for electrostimulation and acoustic detection. It consists of Ag-AgCl active electrode and solid-gel annular groud, and a very light piezoresistive accelerometer. The recorded AMG waveform depends on the pulse amplitude and duration of stimulation current and its lag from the electroatimulation is about 7 ms. The strengh-duration (S-D) curve (the threshold current for stimulation vs. pulse duration) describes the excitability of muscle. The left forearm is electrostimulated by using the same electrode and the muscle vibration (AMG) is recorded with accelerometer. During the muscle fatigue, the S-D curve changes and the current threshold increases under the same pulse duration. The rheobase of S-D curve increases gradually but the chronaxie hardly changes during muscle fatigue.