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Heat Transfer Characteristics of Two Phase Closed Thermosiphon for Geothermal Energy (2nd Report: Heat Transfer Behavior on Site)

Hirashima Masao
Inaba, Hideo
Heating and refrigerating technique such as snow melting of road and cold storage by utilizing temperature difference between underground soil and atmosphere is widely used[1-4] in a cold area. In the 1st Report, heat transfer characteristics of two phase closed thermosiphon for extracting geothermal energy is studied fundamentally. In the empirical study, heat extract rate is measured in connection with the change of atmospheric temperature utilizing real two thermosiphons on the site. Temperature distribution on the surface of the thermosiphon and underground soil around it is also measured. Based on the data of the empirical experiment, it is confirmed that prevention of freezing for fire hydrant can be achieved by geothermal heat utilizing two phase closed thermosiphon. Present paper describes the heat transfer behavior of the thermosiphon as the 2nd report.