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Preparation and Dielectric Properties of [Ba,Sr]TiO(3)-Al(2)O(3)-SiO(2) Glass-Ceramics

Oda Kiichi
Yoshio Tetsuo
O-oka Kazuo
A series of ferroelectric glass-ceramics was elaborated by the controlled growth of Ba(1-x)Sr(x)TiO(3) crystal particles in the glass system 60[Ba(1-y)Sr(y)]TiO(3)-10Al(2)O(3)-30SiO(2)(0≦y≦0.2) in molar basis. Analysis of crystal phases by X-ray diffraction revealed that Sr content in Ba(1-x)Sr(x)TiO(3) increased with increasing content of SrO in glasses by its preferential transfer into the crystal phase, and the appropriate temperature for the crystal growth was 1100°C. Curie temperatures of glass -ceramics shifted to lower temperature with increasing SrO content in the crystal and comparatively high dielectric constant was obtained at room temperature for a glass-ceramics with y=0.2. Frequency dependences of dielectric constant and loss tangent were examined in the frequency range from 1 K to 1 M Hz.