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Ozone and Chlorine in Wastewater Disinfection

In this paper, we compare ozone with chlorine regarding following respects; (1)Disinfection efficiency (2)Oxidation power (3)Effects of secondary effluents treated by ozone or chlorine on aerobic microorganisms. Both ozone and chlorine are powerfull oxidizing agents. However,those are greatly different from each other in effects of treatment. Ozone is superior to chlorine in oxidation of organics, perfection of disinfection and effects on aerobic microorganisms. On the other hand, chlorine is superior in disinfection of Coliform group bacteria. Based on these results,it may be concluded that chlorination will be effective in disinfection of effluents which do not contain so much contaminants. However in case of rather highly cotaminated effluents, ozonation will be suitable.