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トロンビン注入によるdisseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)の実験的研究

Hoshiai, Seiki
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Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) models were made by intra-aortic infusion of thrombin (50 units/kg. body weight) during 30 minutes in the dogs. Histological study of glomerular fibrin deposition was taken on the specimens which were collected by the renal biopsy. Changes of blood coagulation system and fibrinolytic factors of blood and urine were studied during 120 minutes. These results were summarized as follows: 1. With the light microscope disappearance of all glomerular fibrin deposits were observed 90 minutes after initial infusion. 2. These results suggest that major mechanism of fibrin removal from capillaries was the intravascular fibrinolysis. 3. In addition, as the another mechanism of fibrin removal the transglomerular passage into urinary space was revealed. 4. Urokinase excretion in urine was reduced continuously until the end of experiment. 5. FDP was measured by serial dilution protamine sulfate test for the estimation of fragement X(0) and soluble fibrin monomer complexes.