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肝疾患における線維素溶解現象に関する研究 第2編 慢性肝疾患の臨床経過と線溶系各因子間の動的検討について

Shibata, Koichi
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Clinical obsavations on fibrinolytic phenomena have been presented in chronic diseases of the liver (precirrhosis and cirrhosis of the liver, chronic infectious hepatitis and lupoid hepatitis) and the author examined activities of fibrinolytic factors in the course of the diseases above mentioned. The results were as follow; 1) It is necessary to examine repeatedly an activity in fibrinolytic factors at a short interval of time in a course of each disease of the liver. 2) Even if fibrinolytic activity showed to bo in normal range, the disorder of homeostasis in this systm was possible to find by detecting several fibrinolytic factors. 3) Except when showed severe disorder of fibrinolytic phenomenon, reasonable observations in this system were possible by several determining methods of the fibrinolytic factors. 4) It is better to evaluate serum fibrinolytic activities in clinical cases by the determinations of various kind of fibrinolytic factors (whole plasmin, activator and inhibitor, etc). 5) Appearance of hemorrhagic tendency in these cases was followed by preceding latent disorders of fibrinolytic phenomenon. 6) In general, the cases being administrated cortcosteroids drugs showed transiently increasing activity of fibrinolysis, but this increase in activity recovered reversibly to normal value after a short period of time. 7) The direct correlation between fibrinolytic activity and transaminase activity in serum was not recognized. 8) In the cases with increase in serum transaminase activity after administration of corticosteroids drugs latent activations of fibrinolytic activator were presented, thereafter these cases showed to appearent activation of fibrinolytic phenomenon.