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ep系マウスの痙攣阻止に関する実験的研究 第4編 副腎ならびに性腺のep系マウス痙攣に及ぼす影響について

Kasahara, Junzi
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An attempt was made to study the influence of unilateral or bilateral adrenectomy of the ep-mouse, exchange transplantation of a pair of adrenal glands between the ep-mouse and the normal mouse followed by the successive administration of the adrenal gland emulsion and castration, on the convulsion of the ep-mouse. The recipients were all females. Transplanted glands were histologically verified. 1. The unilateral adrenectomy did not at all affect the convlusion. 2. No convulsion could be elicited in the bilaterally adrenectomized ep-mouse until the death. It is, of course, to be noted that all of them were found in characteristic tetanized extension posture at death as in the case of bilaterally adrenectomized normal mice. 3. Convulsion was inhibited in all of the ep-mice after exchange transplantation of adrenal glands of the normal mice followed by successive administration of the emulsion, and no convulsion occurred in the normal mice after transplantation of adrenal glands of the ep-mouse. 4. Castration was performed on two groups of the ep-mice: the one, adults and the other, 5 weeks old showing not any convulsive seizure in spite of a regular postural stimulation in its life. No change was found in convulsion of either groups.