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ep系マウスの痙攣阻止に関する実験的研究 第3編 parabiosisによるep系マウスの痙攣阻止に関する研究

Kasahara, Junzi
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Parabiosis was attempted between ep-mice and normal pedigree mice. 1. Parabiosis between two ep mice could not affect the convulsive seizure in both animals regardless the passage of time after parabicsis. 2. In the possible four pairs of parabiosis between the ep-mice and normal mice, consisted of a male and female each or visa versa, it was found that in every pair the convulsive seizure in every ep-mouse was suppressed in 6days after the parabiosis and thereafter, and after 100 days convulsive seizure was completely inhibited. 3. In an isotope (90)Y utilization and also in morphological observation, circulatory communication was established between the parabiosed mice after convulsion ceased to occur. 4. When the parabiosis was cut off in two different stages, the ep-mouse convulsive seizure persisted if the separation was done before the abolishment of convulsion, but the seizure occurred again 2 or 3 days later in the case separated after cessation of convulsive seizure. 5. In the case cf the parabiosis between a 7 week-old ep-mouse given periodical postural stimulation but shown not a single convulsive seizure and a normal pedigree mouse of the same age, there could be observed not any convulsive seizure from the very beginning and as long as they survived.