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輸血の副作用時における血清蛋白分屑の変動と,その抑制に関する実験的並に臨牀的研究 第2編 同種不適合異型輸血時における血清蛋白分屑の変動と,その抑制に関する実験的研究

Akamatsu, Ayao
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An inadequate heterotypical transfuion in the same kinds was made in rabbits, and the decrease of γ-globulin was less by using Ravonal or Anengen preliminaily, compared with the contrast -group. In the group with Ravonal, the γ-globulin returned almost to the normal limits three hours after transfusion. The hemolysis in the serum was almost similar in all of the above stated groups 30 minutes after transfusion, but it remarkably decreased in the groups with Ravonal or Anergen after 3 hours. The hypotension also had the same tendency as γ-globulin and was inhibited by Ravonal and then Anergen.