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Insulin抗体の研究 第一報 Insulin製剤に因る実験的過敏症に就いて

Morishita, Takashi
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The active guinea-pig anaphylaxis was studied by Insulin as antigen. The results were as follows: - 1) Insulin made in Japan as well as foreign made, when injected to the sensitized guinea-pigs once again, causes light anaphylaxis. However, guinea-pigs sensitized by fish Insulin, injected animal Insulin, are negative, and guinea-pigs sensitized by animal Insulin injected fish Insulin, are negative too. 2) Guinea-pigs sensitized by inactive Insulin, when injected once again by active Insulin, cause light anaphylaxis. 3) Guinea-pigs sensititized by Commercial Insulin, when crystal Insulin is injected, cause light anaphylaxis. 4) Hyper-glykamie was caused after the second injection as mentioned above.