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「レ」線断層撮影装置応用による小児上顎洞発育に関する研究 第三編 小児上顎洞発育度と顔型との相関関係に就いて

Nemoto, Eiki
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The relation between the development of the paranasal sinus of school children and the shape of their face was studied. (1) The maxillary sinus area, ethmoidal sinus area and frontal sinus area have a high correlation with the up-down, left-right and anterior-posterior diameters, respectively. (2) The maxillary sinus area, and ethmoidal sinus area have a close correlation with the maximum head length, zygomatic arch width, external eye-orbit diameter, mandibular angle width, nasal height, morphological upper face height and morphological face height. However, the frontal sinus area has no correlation with them. (3) It is not clarified by my experiment, whether the mandible of pupils has any relation to the development of their paransal sinus.