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Okuda, Kazumasa
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The writer cxperimented the relation between the concentration and the action of A. Ch. on the eserinised rectus abdominis of frog, and the action of A. Ch. and atropine on the same, when both are present. The results are as follows. 1) The relation between the concentration of A. Ch. and the action produced can be expressed by the formula Kx = y/(100-y) where x concentration of A. Ch., y action produced, expressed as percent to the maximal possible action, and K constant. This relation suggests that a reversible monomolecular reaction occurs between A. Ch. and receptors either in the cell or on its surface. 2) This relation is not influenced by atropine. 3) The relation between the molar concentration of A. Ch. and Atropine on the eserinised abdominal rectus muscle of the frog is as follows. Concentration A. Ch. / (Concentration Atropine)(1.5) = Constant This formula shows that 1.5 molecules of atropine combine each receptor. After all the writer's results are similary as Clark's results. That is to say, cholinesterase has no effect upon the shape of the concentration-action curve.