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發熱ガ黴毒血清反應ニ於ケル非特異性ニ及ボス影響ニ就テ 第III編 Pyriferニヨル發熱實驗ニ就テ

Ohmichi, Mineo
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1) The minimum dosis of Pyrifer sufficient to produce fever in the rabbit is 3000.0 M.K. per kilo. The febrile symptom shows about 1 hour after the injection. The maximum temperature is reached on an average about 2 hours after the injection and it is 9 hours before fever begins to fall down. 2) The quantitative alteration of globulin at the febrile stage shows a slightly different aspect in the experiment by Sulfurol, as compared with experiment by Pyrifer. In the group of Al>Gl before the experiment, globulin increases in all eases of the Sulfurol experiment and also in most cases of the Pyrifer experiment, it shows an increase but in a few cases it decreases. When the fever is reduced to normal in the above mentioned group of the rabbit globulin makes a decided increase, just as in the case of the sulfurol experiment, reversing the ratio of albumin and globulin before the febrile experiment, at the earliest, when the fever is reduced to normal and at the latest, 5 days after the reduction of fever. In the group of AlGl, showing further increase in the quantity of globulin, while in the group of Al