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近年の学生女子ハンドボール競技におけるゲーム構成 ―2007年・2008年の学生女子上位チームの分析から―

Miyaji, Chikara Kaken ID researchmap
Hyodo, Kaori
Nishihata, Kenji
This study was investigated that at examining the factor for winning with finding out the tendency of a student woman handball game in recent years .  Analysis was taken as the game of 8 teams of woman bests of the all Japan student handball championship in the 2008 fiscal year in the 2007 fiscal year. The result was as follows.  ①In the student woman handball game of top class in recent years, the number of the goals was 26.6 points, the number of shots was 48.7 times, and the number of times of an attack was 67.9 times. In the number of times of an attack, it increased about 10 times per game from 15-year before, and speedy game deployment was developed.  ② When it compared between a victory team and a loser team, the significant difference was seen in the number of shots (P< 0.05), the number of the goals (P< 0.01), the number of mistakes (P< 0.01), the attack strike rate (P< 0.01), the shot strike rate( P< 0.01), and the mistake rate( P< 0.01).  ③ The strike rate of the set play was 28.1% in the loser team 42.1% in the victory team. Moreover, by the victory team, 23.2 %, in the loser team, it is 34.3 % and the significant difference( P< 0.01) was seen about the rate of failure of the set play.