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著者 Kuroboshi, Manabu| Tanaka, Muneaki| Kishimoto, Suguru| Goto, Kentaro| Tanaka, Hideo|
抄録 In 360 females, Bone mineral density (BMD) in lumbar vertebrae (L2-L4) was assessed by quantitative computed tomography (QCT), and the values obtained were compared with the frequency of vertebral transformation or fracture as assessed by lateral scan image (scanogram) by X-ray CT. A correlation was observed between the frequency of vertebral transformation (or fracture) and lumbar BMD values : BMD under 125 mg/cm(3) was observed over 90% of women with vertebral transformation, and BMD under 70mg/cm(3) was found about 50% of them. These results suggest that decrease in BMD in lumbar vertebrae leads to vertebral transformation or fracture. Thus, measurement of BMD by QCT would be very useful in predicting vertebral transformation or fractures.
出版物タイトル Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University
発行日 2001-03-27
開始ページ 41
終了ページ 46
ISSN 0475-0071
言語 English
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