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タイトル(別表記) The positioning of White Russians in Manchukuo : The actual condition of Orientals and Westerners in “Co-Existence and Co-Prosperity” and “Racial Harmony” Society
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著者 ドミートリエヴァ エレーナ|
抄録 The positioning of White Russians in Manchukuo society is an important topic, especially taking into account that they were announced as“ citizens” of a New State. This article examines the actual economic and social condition of White Russians comparing to other ethnic groups in Manchukuo society, especially to Japanese and Manchurians/Chinese. The author will present the differences between the public propaganda for White Russians and the reality which they had experienced in Manchukuo. It is hoped that this article will show what kind of“ Racial Harmony (minzoku kyowa)” and“ Harmony of the Five Races( gozoku kyowa)” society were created in the New State in case of minority group such as White Russians.
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