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著者 Dong Liu| 梶原 康博| 大崎 紘一| 宗澤 良臣|
抄録 A method for standardizing parts is proposed. This method aims to reduce the sort of parts for cutting the manufacturing cost and for improving specifications of parts. Two linear mathematical programming models are proposed for standardizing the parts. One model aims at cutting cost half without causing any degradation of mechanical specifications of parts. The other model aims at doubling mechanical specifications of parts below the acceptable manufacturing cost. These models are formulated in 0-1 integer programming forms. The integer programming model shows which part is common to other parts. An example is shown to demonstrate the use of the developed method.
出版物タイトル Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University
発行日 1995-12-28
開始ページ 1
終了ページ 7
ISSN 0475-0071
言語 English
論文のバージョン publisher
NAID 120002307491