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タイトル(別表記) Retroperitoneal abscess that ruptured the aorta: Invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae syndrome
著者 山崎 賢士| 榊間 昌哲| 長倉 優花| 橋本 紘幸| 田代 傑| 三輪 真史| 米村 克彦|
抄録 An 80-year-old Japanese man was admitted to our hospital in April 2016 with an acute high-grade fever and back pain. A systemic contrast-enhanced computed tomography scan disclosed a retroperitoneal abscess around his aorta. The blood culture revealed Klebsiella pneumoniae. Antibiotics (Cefotaxime 1 g i.v. q 6 hours) were administered, but the patient's symptoms worsened. The abscess then ruptured the aorta. An emergency surgical repair was done, and the patient recovered. Invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae syndrome has been detected in southeast Asia over the past two decades, and here we describe a rare case of a retroperitoneal abscess caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae that ruptured the aorta.
キーワード invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae syndrome 腹部大動脈破裂 (ruptured abdominal aorta) 後腹膜膿瘍 (retroperitoneal abscess)
備考 症例報告 (Case Reports)
出版物タイトル 岡山医学会雑誌
発行日 2017-08-01
出版者 岡山医学会
出版者(別表記) Okayama Medical Association
開始ページ 107
終了ページ 109
ISSN 0030-1558
NCID AN00032489
資料タイプ 学術雑誌論文
言語 Japanese
著作権者 Copyright (c) 2017 岡山医学会
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査読 有り
DOI 10.4044/joma.129.107
Eprints Journal Name joma
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