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タイトル(別表記) Morphology Control of Aromatic Polymers during Polymerization
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著者 山下 祐彦| 木村 邦生| 次田 浩二| 横山 文義|
抄録 Morphology and formation mechanism of poly (4'-oxy-4-biphenylcarbonyl) (POBP) crystals obtained by solution polymerization were firstly treated. It was concluded that the formation mechanism of the bundlelike aggregates of fibrillar crystals in POBP was fundamentally simillar to that in POB whiskers. Secondly the copolymerization effects of m-acetoxybenzoic acid and 4-(4-acetoxyphenyl) benzoic acid on the morphology of POB whiskers were studied. The experimental results strongly supported our proposal for the formation mechanism of whiskers which was consisted of crystallization of oligomers with a critical length as lamellae from solution and solid state polymerizationof oligomers between lamellae. Finally, the formation mechanism of poly (p-oxycinnamoyl) spherical products during solution polymerization was treated. The formation of these spherical products could be understood by overlapped phase diagram of melting depression curve and consolute curve of oligomers-solvent system.
キーワード morphology control aromatic polymers phase separation polymer whisker polymer beads rigid rod polymers
出版物タイトル 岡山大学環境理工学部研究報告
発行日 1996-03
開始ページ 221
終了ページ 227
ISSN 1341-9099
言語 Japanese
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NAID 120002313893