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後藤 丹十郎 岡山大学 Kaken ID publons researchmap
景山 詳弘 岡山大学
Changes in water consumption (WC) from planning to harvest of spray chrysanthemum in bench culture were measured all the year round and the relationship between WC and environmental factors(solar radiation;SR and air temperature;AT) and leaf area (LA) were analyzed. Seasonal change in total water consumption (TWC) and average water consumption per day were about 4 and 5 fold, respectivily. WC tended to increase with increasing growth. When the yearly data were pooled, WC was positively corrected with SR and LA. The regression line between WC (y: ml/shoot/day), SR(x1: MJ/m2/day) and LA (x2: cm2/shoot) was expressed as follows;y=14.44x1 + 0.13x2 - 114.55(R2=0.77). Moreover, LA was expressed by two lines at 2 weeks after visible bud in each planting time. Thus, it seems that seasonal TWC and apparent concentration nutrient absorption can be estimated from these regression lines and the common year value of SR.
leaf area
solar radiation
spray chrysanthemum
water consumption