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In vitro Rooting of Male and Female Asparagus Derived from Apices and Lateral Bud Explants

松原 幸子 岡山大学
高橋 和久 岡山大学
Treatments to promote in vitro rooting of shoots derived from apices and lateral buds of male and female asparagus plants were studied. Effects of phytohormones, NAA and BA, IBA and Rootone (0.4% α-naphthylacetoamide) were evaluated. Apices and lateral buds placed on MS basal medium +0.3mg・l-1NAA and 0.1mg・ I-1lBA as a root-initiation medium for 0, 2 , 3 and 4 weeks followed by transfer to MS basal medium indicated that two or three weeks treatment was the most effective on rooting of mlale lateral buds and female apices. Apices and lateral buds were also placed on MS medium containing 0. 0.01, 0.1, 1,0 and 10.0mg・l-1 of IBA. Seventy % of male lateral shoots rooted on MS medium +1 mgl-1IBA, but it was ineffective for female shoots. Rootone was the most effective on rootin of lateral shoots, irrespective of sexes, but ineffective on apical shoots.