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A New Dorilaid Parasite of the Zigzag-striped Leafhopper, Inazuma dorsalis (Motschulsky) and Notes on Other Paddy-field Inhabiting Dorilaidae (Diptera).

小泉 憲治 岡山大学
The zigzag-striped leafhopper, Inazuma dorsalis, is a species familiar as an injurious pest to the rice plant and also as a vector of the dwarf disease of it. But very little is known about the natural enemies of this leafhopper and there is no record of the Dorilaid parasite. Through the rearing of this leafhoppers, I have had a parasitic Dorilaidae in the considerable percentage of parasitism. In the present paper I intend to describe this as new species and at the same time give the notes and descriptions on the paddy-field inhabiting Dorilaidae. To date, I have observed eight species of this family in the paddy-fields mainly in the south western Japan. Four of them are parasitic on Nephotettix cincticeps Uhler as stated in my previous paper, one is parasitic on Inazuma dorsalis and the remaining three are not certain concerning their host relations yet, but they are no doubt parasitic on the leafhoppers injurious to the rice plant.