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岡山県の原料乳について 細菌数の部

今村 経明 岡山大学
片岡 啓 岡山大学
鈴木 聖 岡山県衛生研究所
長尾 寛 岡山県衛生研究所
Bacterial investigation has been performed as the previous report. Coli form bacteria was determined by positive Presumptive test with desoxycholate agar. Total bacterial count was represented with individual count (IMC) and clump count (CMC) by direct microscopic method. The ratio of IMC/CMC was calculated to obtained some knowledges of bacterial growth. As the results, it was ascertained that the bacterial count of these samples and the contamination of coli form bacteria were remarkedly. Milk temperature was almost equal to the atmospheric temperature. From this, we concluded that the cooling of milk, especially at farmers, was important to improve the bacteriological quality of milk at this area.