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The effects of supplied amount and strength of nutrient solution were investigated for strawberry (Fragaria×ananassa Duch. cv. Saga-honoka) grown with peat bags in elevated CO2 environment (800-2500 ppm in the day time, November 4 to April 7). Three strengths (L : low-80%, M : standard-100% and H : high-120%) of nutrient solution (N : 8.85, P : 0.85, K : 3.90, Ca : 2.05, Mg : 0.93 mM ; half strength of Ohtsuka A solution) were compared. Around 20% of discharged rate (discharged/supplied amount of nutrient solution) was kept for these 3 plots and 30 to 40% of the rate was kept for additional plot of 80%-solution (L2) by altering the supplied amount of 80%-solution. As almost no nitrate could be detected in drainage of L, nutrient supply was probably insufficient throughout the experiment. Total amount of nitrogen supply was lower than the other 3 plots and leaf area was the smallest after December. Although there was no significant difference in yield and fruit quality, the rate of tip burn affected flowers was lowest in L2 and highest in H. Thus, around 30-40% of drainage rate and 50-60 mS・m−1 of drainage EC may be desirable target values for ‘Saga-honoka’ strawberry grown with peat based substrate.
nutrient absorption
titratable acid
total soluble solid
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