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柳原 茂 東洋熱工業株式会社
岩宮 正治 東洋熱工業株式会社
内山 憲一 東洋熱工業株式会社
浦野 徹 熊本大学動物資源開発研究センター病態遺伝分野
倉林 譲 岡山大学・医学部・動物実験施設
Transgenic animal research is progressing in recent years. Severer cross-contamination prevention management is required for breeding transgenic animals in clean environment, like SPF animals. Moreover, contaminants and odors problems have posed the more serious influence to caretakers or researchers. In order that we might improve these problems, we got cooperation of Kumamoto University and developed the rack (STAR: System of Tonets Animal Rack)for transgenic animal research that have both the supply air-inlet and the exhaust air-outlet. If this system is used, the good experiment is possible that does not have a cross-contamination between cages and does not have diffusion contaminants and odors to an animal room. In this paper, we introduce also about the Okayama University specification (STAR/OK) as the application.